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All the products as your requirements are acceptable to customize. We promise that all the customized products are good quality and fastest lead time.

Here are our most popular products which are customized.
Custom cables (1-5 working days to produce)
RF connectors (5-10 working days to produce)
RF adapters (5-10 working days to produce)
Antennas (3-5 working days to produce)
Aluminum Box /Plastic Project Box (5-7 working days to produce)

Among of them , the Custom Cable is our special and characterized service in our company. The Quality and Lead time are controlled! Each cable is cut and stripped by machine , assembly by our cable custom cable department, finally tested by machine !
The exact cable length and label on each cable are also acceptable , welcome to contact us to talk more details if needed.

How can I ask the custom product ?
If you have the very details information of custom product, including drawing ,datasheet, simply feel free to use the Contact Us form to contact us or email us to talk more details.

If you don't have the details ,fox example custom cable ,you can tell us the connections of your device ,we will check it clearly and give you good solution.

Still have a question about custom product?
Simply feel free to use the Contact Us form to contact us or email us or call us +0086 13923809471 to talk more details.