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Mobile Broadband Antenna Adapter Cable CRC9 RA to RP-SMA Female Bulkhead RF cable assembly
Model: AC-C01RA-S02BH-174-15
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Product parameters:
    Jumper Type: Extension Cable/Patch Lead  Input Impedance: 50Ω 
    Connector: CRC9 male Right Angle  Cable Type: RG174 or Other 
    Connector: RP-SMA female bulkhead straight  Length: 15cm or customized 

Antenna cable is needed to plug an antenna into the wireless Moblie Broadband modem or Moblie phone,which terminate with a standard connection, fox example,FME,SMA,N connector most commonly.A patch lead acts as a conversion from standard connector(FME,SMA,N connector) to the device-specific connector.

Mostly common of device-specific connector for wireless broadband modems are CRC9 (Huawei) and TS9 (Sierra Wireless, ZTE),The connector for moblie phone is MS147,and RF mini-UHF or others.


Sometimes ,no connector on the modem,the patch lead with the MS156(Huawei),IP connector (Huawei),antenna connector(Haier CE210) is need if you would like to open the case to drill it.


The cables with CRC9 antenna are suitable for :

Huawei E156/E156G/E159/E1612/E160/E160E/E160G /E367/E353/E161/E169/E169G
E176/E176G/E1762 /E583C/E1820 /E182/E196E/E196G/

Huawei E600/E612/E613/E618/E620/E621/E376/E630/E660/K4505/E660A/EC321/E881E/EC301/UMG181/UMG1691


CRC9 connector/ adapter /Antenna for Huawei USB modem or other modem with CRC9


CRC9 connector/ adapter /Antenna for HUAWEI PCMCIA Card 


CRC9 connector/ adapter /Antenna for HUAWEI Express Card ,


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